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About our winery

Dalvina winery and vineyards are located near the city of Strumica in the south-eastern part of Macedonia.

This area is also known as Strumichko-Radovishki wine region, famous for its valley of the Struma and Strumeshnica rivers.  

This area has typical Mediterranean climate. Located at altitude of around 380 m, the vineyards are surrounded by high mountains. Constant light breeze is a very characteristic for these slopes. The average temperature of the air at the time of vegetation is 20.2 0C (68.4 0F).  The region is averaging more than 210 days of sun. These factors coupled with low amount of rain and low relative humidity of the air make for healthy grapes - the main characteristic of the region.

Winery has a capacity of 42000 hl. The latest state of the art technology has been installed and  it takes care of the entire  process: from reception of the grapes till fermentation.

 Dalvina winery is using traditional délestage wine making process for red wines. Automatically controlled cap plunging is enhancing the color and aromas extraction. The goal is to capture the unique properties of the grapes coming from the soil and microclimates of the area.

 The winemaking process is like a great celebration in the valley. People from the surrounding villages come to join the harvest of the grapes. They take good care to pick by hand the ripe and healthy fruits in small baskets which are then put in trucks. The trucks bring the baskets to the receiving hopper station which is in a close proximity of the vineyards. Grapes are then put on a conveyor system and each and every fruit is carefully checked and cleared from all leafs and stems by highly trained personnel.

After passing the de-steamer and the de-crusher, the fresh, rich colored grapes are led to the fermenters. The process continues in a very well controlled manner which leads to the highest quality of the wine.

As a result of using the traditional old wine making knowledge combined with the newest technology, Dalvina wines have distinguished character. Wines are recognized as rich in flavors, powerful and vivid fruity scents. They have great intensity, spicy, buttery and individual character, with touch of sweetness and can be drunk young or aged with a noticeable developed complexity.