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Quality DRY white wine

One of the oldest varietals on the earth, native to Georgia- it goes back to 3000 BC.  Golden straw with green hue in color, medium body. Aromas of apples, citrus and tropical fruits. On the palate, noticeable flavours of more tropical fruits and stone minerals. Rkaciteli has balanced acidity and good alcohol richness. Crisp and refreshing wine.

Best paired with crab cakes, chicken salad or curries, Vietnamese noodles, Thai rice dishes or seafood.


Quality dry white wine

Another fantastic wine made of regional variety Zupljanka. Golden straw in color, medium to full body, with crisp refreshing acidity. Aromas of citrus leaf and banana, and pronounced minerality. On the palate, Zupljanka shows flavours of green apple and lime.

The wine's crispness makes it a delicious accompaniment to fresh seafood, oysters, any shellfish and grilled vegetables.


Quality semi dry white wine

This fantastic wine is one of the flagship white wines of Macedonia. Light to medium bodied, sweet, aromatic wine with rich palate of aromas of orange blossom, fresh apricot, honey and elderflower. Nicely balanced wine with pronounced minerality. This unique wine can make
any occasion special.

Best paired with all kinds of sweets, cakes and pies.


Quality dry white wine

Typically pale green to straw colour, this wine is aromatic, grassy and herbaceous. It is easily recognizable for its lemongrass flavours and notes of bell pepper, green olives and asparagus. On the fruity side, with noticeable aromas of melon, citrus, pineapple and passion fruit. It tends to be dry and crisp with a lively refreshing acidity.

Best paired with oysters, shell-on prawns, Thai fish cakes, fresh crab or grilled fish.


White Wines

Quality dry white wine

This medium-bodied wine has golden straw color, aromas of rich apple, citrus, peach and tropical fruit flavours throughout. Stylish and modern, dry and crisp wine.

Best paired with fish pie, salmon cake, chicken, pork or pasta in creamy sauce..