DIONIZ - Cabernet sauvignon


This mighty Cabernet offers a mixture of rich black fruits, autumn leaves and cedar wood. Black current and sloe feel really ripe and black cherries on the background just adds to the great complexity.

The finish adds cocoa and mocha aromas for prolonged pleasure

Quality dry RED wine

Another Cuvee of  Vranec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Aged for  9 months in Macedonian oak barrels.  Medium to full bodied. Nose of floral aromas, red berries with earthy notes and cedar. Palate offers red berries and black current flavours with light tannins and crisp acidity

Best paired with grilled vegetables, chorizo, roast beef , lamb and  all kinds of pork dishes.


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This deep pink to ruby-red, delicate, long lasting and elegant semi-dry wine captures all your senses from the moment you taste it. Opulent and rather refined, it is wonderful in its youth and graceful in maturity. Raisin perfumes with notes of tealeaf, honey and roses just leaves you speechless. The combination on the palate is orange blossom and cherry.

Goes perfectly with any dessert. Our recommendation: try it with dark chocolate and truffles.


Quality dry RED wine

Very old local variety, our Vranec is fermented in a very special old traditional way by using amphoras found during the processing of the fields in the exact area where the vineyards of Dalvina are positioned now.

This wine has deep ruby colour, spicy plum nose, savoury-sweet fruit, firmly structured. Rustic but nicely balanced plummy-peppery flavour with good acidity. Delicate and aromatic wine that soothes all senses.

Good company for great meat dishes of all kinds especially during cold winter times.


Quality dry RED wine

Excellent combination of delicate and aromatic Vranec, rich and long lasting Cabernet Sauvignon and full bodied Merlot.  Ar-Magedon is wine that occupies all your senses with its harmony and unforgettable character. Aged for 18 months in domestic oak barrels. Dark red to deep ruby in color, medium to full bodied, with notes of current and plum. Ripe soft tannin structure makes this wine last a long time.

Paired perfectly with all kinds of grilled red peppers, pork dishes ,any kind of lamb or south-west American food.

AR-Magedon - Cuveè BARRIQUE 


Quality dry RED wine

Vranec* - the flagship of red varieties in Macedonia.   Very old, local and unique wine probably related to Primitivo and Zinfandel. Dry medium to full bodied wine with bright purple to intense ruby color. Nose of dark berries and fruit jams. Wine with very complex aromas , hints of cinnamon, dark chocolate  and Mediterranean herbs and some of oak. Very balanced dusty tannins.

Best paired with barbecued ribs, curried pork, hanger steak and beef  tenderloin.

*Black stallion horse.

Quality dry RED wine

Merlot`s popularity is due to the fact that it is soft, fruity, smooth, velvety wine with little tannin. Full bodied wine with dense ruby/purple color. Some of the notes include cassis, black and red cherries, blackberry, blueberry, boysenberry, mulberry, and plum. Vegetable and earthy notes include black and green olives, cola nut, bell pepper, fennel, humus, leather, mushrooms, rhubarb and tobacco. Floral and herbal notes commonly associated with Merlot include oregano, pine, rosemary and sage. Very enjoyable as varietal wine with stable structure, depth of flavour, consumed young and also good aging potential.

 Best Paired with grilled chops, roasted rack of lamb, roasted chicken or simply roasted duck.


Quality dry RED wine

With the help of the perfect combination of soil, sun, water and gently strokes of wind in our region, this wine is produced with fantastic delicious dark ruby/purple glossy color. Only cabernet-stylish nose can sense its distinguished notes of graphite, crushed green peppers and abundant gorgeous succulent red and black berry fruits. The palate is loaded with generous layers of seductive luscious cassis, black currants, strawberries and raspberries. Notes of sweet and spiced vanilla and some green peppercorn bite. Good balance of acidity and ripe tannins.

Best paired with charred burgers, rib eye steak, braised ribs or braised lamb shanks.


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Dioniz - merlot 


This fantastic Merlot has a deep ruby color. Lovely mixture of fruits with black fruits being dominant.

Notes of black cherry and blackberry with recognizable black pepper.

Mid palate show great complexity with wild cherries that provide freshness.

Ripeness of fruits combined with well rounded tannins enriches back plate and reverberation.